Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Pre-K Classroom

For me the first day of school is my New Year's Day! My birthday precedes Labor Day so the weekend is usually one long party leading up to the First day of school. At this time, I make resolutions to be organized in my classroom, to plan ahead so I am not rushing to photo copy what I need last minute. With all of this said, written down and done, I try to carry this on into my home life as well. Organization makes me happy, but with two small children, a husband and a dog things are not always on point. 

It took me some time to get motivated for this coming school year. I spent most of my Summer with my family doing those Summer things. My nights were spent on Pinterest, and just revamping my curriculum for the year ahead. I really enjoy doing this, it is relaxing and fun, for me anyway! One of my favorite parts is getting my room ready for the new year ahead. Around here most of the teachers keep their rooms the same, bulletin boards, furniture layout, and well you get the picture. I am not saying this is a bad idea at all and I tell myself every year that I am going to follow suite. That I am going to save myself from the stress of trying to get it all done before Parent Orientation night and just leave it all the same.

Well, I can't do it! I figure the kids and I spend most of our day in the classroom it is our "home". At home I want to feel comfortable and "warm" and well like home I am always rearranging usual with the seasons. So, I started off with trying to switch out all of my dull white plastic baskets with wood baskets. You may think this was pricey but I scoured the thrift stores like a thief in the night. I spent at most fifty cents a basket including the large ones.

You wouldn't believe how many baskets are donated, I feel it really warmed up the room. Last year, my classroom had a blue bird theme (loved it!) and I used allot of light blue and touches of brown and green. It was nice and calming but I wanted something different. So I kind of just went with it, and started off by creating a huge beanstalk that hangs from the ceiling down to the floor (I am sure I will say "no climbing the beanstalk" a few times this year) and well the rest just fell into place.
The beanstalk was actually much easier then it looks and was actually allot of fun to create. 

 Up top is my Birthday mushroom patch the boys will have little Gnomes and the girls will have fairies next to their birthday month mushroom. They will water color these the second week. I thought the mushroom patch went well with my theme and actually only took my an hour to cut and glue all of those mushrooms together. Love working to Pandora :).

 Games & Puzzles and Discovery Center
I placed these centers together because it leaves allot to explore and the puzzles and games will be brought to the table for a flatter surface. The floor puzzles can stay in the center or at the table. Now things can change and as you well know I can do change if needed. The balance boards are allot of fun and get allot of use! These have also played a vital role in separating students from parents on the first day (there that cool!).

 Imagination Center
This really is just an extension of the block of center, allot of these items get "borrowed" as accessories to the blocks. I have added a couple new things to the block center in hopes of minimizing this...we shall see. 

Art Center
Wish the photo was lighter and I will have to get around to replacing this picture. I made the center available for free choice. Pom Poms, yarn, pipe cleaners, paper bags, play dough and tools are all at this center. I can't wait to see what they come up with (parents get ready for some glitzy collages). I really want to make it easy on the kids and label as much as I can so they can easily find where things go and where things are in the classroom.

 Block Center
I added felt flags, smooth stones, and round wood sections from a tree (so texture is all there). I can't wait to see what the kids come up with this year in this center.

Painting Easel with two sides and it even has storage underneath looove (in my operatic voice) this easel!

 The Reading Center 
A small bookshelf holds books that I hope will appeal to all the kids. Also some I Spy books that I received from Scholastic through my points. I try to encourage Scholastic orders so the class can get a new rotation of books in the center. There is also a magnetic dry erase board with a basket of Large Upper and Lower Case magnets. I am hoping some of the words they see in the books will come alive on the board. Finding our letter of the week will be just fine for now ;).

Dramatic Play Center 
My Dramatic play center needs some help - but it is cute and quaint. I have sent a call out for any dress-up items as well as baby dolls and doll clothes. Like most teachers I have spent my personal money on my classroom. I can't help it, I try to limit that so it does not bother me in the end but at this point just hoping to add the items to the class "wish list" and see if our wishes come true :).

I hope my kids like the classroom as much I do!! I am looking forward to a good, solid year with my Pre-Kers!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012